About eTrading

KB eTrading is a electronic platform for foreign exchange transactions and term deposits. It offers its clients easy and quick trading with improved spreads, as well as a simple form of hedging against exchange rate risk. It currently offers the following products:

  • FX SPOT - immediate buying or selling of more than one hundred currency pairs
  • FX FORWARD and FX SWAP - simple instruments to hedge against exchange rate risk
  • Term deposits - depositing disposable cash at current interest rates
  • Buy and sell orders - trade execution at a given price level

How can you gain access to eTrading?

  • Contact your relationship manager, who will facilitate the signing of an agreement on the use of eTrading.
  • Active link to eTrading will appear after administrative processing in Mojebanka / Mojebanka business in the section Financial Markets
  • Contract processing, eTrading usage and cash transfers within KB are free of charge