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Indicator Analysis: August data surprisingly positive

10/7/2022 1:55 PM

Despite high input prices and worsening leading indicators, August data from the real economy was surprisingly positive. Although car production stagnated, manufacturing did very well, with growth in sectors that had shown poor results in previous months. The construction sector also managed to break the streak of month-on-month declines. Although the external trade deficit was slightly deeper year-on-year, it was mainly due to higher gas and oil prices, while the trade surplus in motor vehicles was higher year-on-year. Moreover, the year-on-year growth rate of exports outpaced that of imports for the first time in a long time.

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Comment on financial results: Philip Morris CR: Declining share, production shortfalls, new technology growth, high dividend

9/29/2022 11:17 AM

Philip Morris CR (PMCR) today reported its results for the first half of this year. PMCR reported a 5.8% y/y rise in net profit to CZK1.8bn on sales of CZK9.8bn (10.4% y/y). The decline in the market share of classic cigarettes was almost offset by an increase in heated products. The decline in market share is also attributable to material supply shortages which caused production interruptions and production rescheduling. The results for the first half of the year indicate a total dividend of CZK1,350 (gross yield of 8.1%). The reported figures are in line with our estimate.

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