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CZGB Auction Preview: Historically record CZGB issuance in the first quarter

2/23/2021 9:32 AM

MinFin is scheduled to auction CZK6.0bn of four-year bonds, CZK5.0bn of nine-year bonds and CZK2.0bn of 19-year bonds. All offered bonds are well known from recent auctions. We expect the highest demand for CZGB 0.00% Dec-24 due to the low supply of short maturities and investor preferences. On the other hand, CZGB 1.50% Apr-40 in the last auction disappointed MinFin's expectations as demand for longer maturities gradually declines.

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Company notes,Results Preview: Avast: We expect results for 2020 will be the best in history

2/26/2021 9:07 AM

Announcement date: Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Expected financial results: According to our projections, the results for last year (2020) should be the best in history. We assume that Avast will meet the goals of its management, which were repeated on the occasion of the publication of selected operating indicators for 3Q20 (21 October 2020).

We expect Avast will report EBITDA of $509m with revenues of $917m. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 5.4% and 5.1% respectively. 

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